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We are passionate about saving and improving the lives of patients, and how we get things done reflects that commitment. If someone asked our team “what is it like to work at Sesen Bio?”, they would hear about the 10 leadership behaviors that we practice here. These principles guide our interactions, define our culture, and illustrate who we are and how we operate. We interviewed some of our colleagues, and they were happy to share more about each behavior.

leadership behaviors at Sesen Bio


"I’ve worked for institutional-like companies and start-ups before, and I’ve never seen this type of energy around leadership behaviors. At Sesen Bio, our 10 leadership behaviors are an integral part of how we do business and how we measure our performance."

Kirstin Anderson 

Corporate Controller

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do the right thing


"Here, everything we do centers around doing the right thing. In our day-to-day work, that means we are dependable, we are there whenever needed, and we always focus on the patients we’re trying to help. "

Krishna Persaud 

Tech, Process Development and Manufacturing

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be resilient


"Whenever we face a tough situation, we try to approach it in a calm way, so we can work together to manage the challenge constructively. It comes down to being resilient and communicating openly."

Sachin Pannuri 

Senior Director, CMC

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earn and build trust


"To me, trust is the foundation of all relationships, both personal and professional. Once trust is established, possibilities are endless. Without it, moving forward can become quite challenging. "

Jamie Barton 

Senior Executive Administrator and Office Manager

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constructively resolve conflict


"Conflicts are addressed with an objective process that focuses not on finding fault or assigning blame, but rather on identifying the source of a problem. Personal conficts don’t happen often; but when they do, a healthy debate uncovers different views, and we work together to find the best path forward."

Arjune Premsukh 

Director, Process Development and Manufacturing

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focus on current priorities


"We focus as a team, and we’re committed to getting our priorities done and done right. We have a relentless attention to detail and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality and performance."

Jodi Luht 

Director, Quality

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work with speed and efficiency


"Working with speed is part of our culture. Because timing is everything with some of the tasks we do, we need to be efficient so we get the best results in the time allocated. To do this, we train people so they know what they’re doing and they can be efficient and maintain the highest standards of quality."

Jeannick Cizeau 

Director, Research

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overcommunicate with your manager


"Communicating early and often with my manager and my colleagues is just smart. It ensures that we’re all aligned, that we have prioritized our tasks, and that I know what I am expected to do to help meet our goals."

Rachelle Dillon 

Associate Director, Clinical Operations Support

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make decisions smartly


"Employees are empowered to make smart decisions, getting confirmation from trusted colleagues who can give sound input. After that, we own it collectively. There’s literally no time to revisit or second guess or lobby for a different decision."

Chad Myskiw 

Senior Director, Strategic Planning

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be resourceful and think differently


"In business and in life, thinking differently and being resourceful is a key skill to have. You’ll always be up against opportunities or challenges, and doing the obvious won’t get you very far."

Erin Clark 

Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations

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thoughtfully confront reality


"We understand that our goal to deliver a novel product to the market carries risk. But that’s not where we focus our energy. Even when we face reality, we choose to move forward confidently and optimistically, doing everything in our power to succeed."

Christy Eccles 

Quality Control Supervisor

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